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  Hotels   Cottages   2008-20012 / About my success in the design of retail  2010-2012 / in AERE   2008 / ECE Rusland   2004-2007 / in Heliopark Development   2005-2006 / in Open Company Architectural Bureau Arbat   2002-2004 / in Branch of CenterTelecom OJSC   1998-2001 / in OOO Builder plus   1996 – 2004 / Cooperation with PСB Konceptor 1996-2004…

Big house for big famaly

Predesign of the house about 300 sqm and 5 bedrooms and equipment house with garage for big family. The house The garage

It’s finished

I did this project for about 1 year. There was a lot of ideas and options, many agreements and etc. Total area 425 sqm, 3 bedrooms, master room, kitchen and dining room, living room, dressing rooms, technical and utility rooms, a large attic and etc. Another stage in the process going now – construction. Basement…

3D sketches

Variant #5 of the house by 500 sqm  on relief.

New hose sketch

House on the hill, 350-370 sq m, 4 bedroom, dining room, guest-hall. Quick sketch of plans and facades:  

Shugar house

This project was done for the little building company.  It was not built. Now it free.   It modular multi-flats house for 3-5 levels. It can be blocked with the same module. It can be the little condominium as on pictures below.   The best place for this houses should be south and middle Europe…

Free project of hotel

  It is a small hotel in the town. It can be built on the street between houses.  It can have from 3 to 12 levels. It can be used as the module in line composition with different heights of buildings.  

Free project of cottage on 2 family

The cottage is suitable for two different families, or a large family with old parents, or for the family, and their newly married children. It has two independent entrances from different sizes (or different streets).  The total area near  250 sqm (including loft 128 sqm), Small house 97 sqm, big house 116 sqm. The house…